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Facial Serum (All-in-one)


Probiotic ACB Fruit Mix Anti Acne Serum: 

Best applied before moisturiser to deliver ingredients directly to the skin, facial serums are luxurious and effective tools to add to your skincare regime. ABC Fruit Mix Serum is your answer to smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Salicylic acid removes excess oil and dead skin revealing a truly rejuvenated complexion. Your skin will be left feeling clear and bright as the combination of glycolic acid and green tea stimulate your skin to boost collagen production, fight off acne and free radicals leaving your skiing radiant. 

 This indulgent serum also contains skin brightening kojic acid to help fade discolouration. Truly harnessing all the wonders of the natural world, this facial serum is like rich food for your hungry skin.

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Facial Serum (All-in-one)